How to Engage your Employees

How to Engage your Employees

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Sometimes it may be employees aren’t happy with their employer. Following this year’s Edelman Trust Barometer which found that employees are more of a trusted source of information, even more so than a CEO. How do you empower your employees so that they become ambassadors for your company...
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Last week we let you in on some very helpful advice that we share with our clients when it comes to speaking to media. As well as sucessfully engaging with the media, employers must succesfully engage with their employees too. This year’s Edelman Trust Barometer found that employees are a more trusted source of information, than a CEO.

Stefan Stern questions David MacLeod, Leader of UK Government’s task force on employee engagement, and Nick Howard, Edelman’s Director of Employee Engagement, how they empower employees to become company ambassadors.

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Podcast participants:

Speaker Stefan Stern, Director of Strategy, Edelman
Stefan has been writing and commenting on business and management for the past two decades. He wrote the Financial Times’s management column for over four years before joining Edelman in August 2010 as its new Director of Strategy. In October he was appointed Visiting Professor in management practice at the Cass business school.
Speaker Nick Howard, Director of Employee Engagement, Edelman
Nick is a communications professional with over 15 years experience advising business leaders of blue chip companies across Europe, as well as in North America and UAE. Before joining Edelman he was Retail Communication Director for Lloyds Banking Group, where he led the successful communication of Europe’s biggest financial services integration – Lloyds TSB and HBOS. Nick was also responsible for communicating several other major business issues including product withdrawals, employee redundancies and the bank’s new business strategy.
Speaker David McLeod, Leader of UK Government’s task force on employee engagement
David MacLeod was commissioned by the Department for Business (BIS) to take an in-depth look at employee engagement and to report on its potential benefits for organisations and employees. This lead to the report Engaging for Success: enhancing performance through employee engagement.
MacLeod’s current portfolio includes the role of non-executive director of the Ministry of Justice, and Department for International Development. He is a visiting professor of the Cass Business School.His early career was spent in the chemical industry. Between 2004-07 he was senior adviser on change and performance at the Cabinet Office. He holds fellowships of the Sunningdale Institute, the Royal Society of Arts and the Institute of Marketing, and is coach to a limited number of chief executives, permanent secretaries and their boards.He is also an associate of the Institute for Government. Earlier in his career he was Head of Marketing for the Dulux brand before going on to be Managing Director of a European Business and then CEO of Uniqema, a Global ICI business. He also spent a year and a half working in the Cabinet office.
He has co-authored a book called The Extra Mile on the theme of how to engage your people to win and is co-author of the MacLeod Report to Government called Engaging for Success.

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